The WAY Recovery (PTY) Ltd prides itself in having over 30 years of experience between all our employees. We have also designed our services to be affordable to different income brackets. Clients can book themselves into a tested and trusted recovery program by using a coupon code to get a deserved 15% discount.

Outpatient Program

Our outpatient program is delivered using the sought after Matrix model. This model is a multi-disciplinary and holistic approach which ensures quick and effective rehabilitation and community integration is achieved.

Residential Treatment

Comprehensive residential treatment is provided for clients who are in need of a supportive and structured atmosphere around-the-clock in order to overcome the trials that they are facing

Drug Intervention Programs

Drug intervention programs are tailor made to fit individual addict needs as well as family dynamics. Addiction challenges are therefore dealt with with precision and a very clear understanding of specific cases.

One on
one therapy

Our one on one therapy sessions provide our patients with much needed privacy and freedom to openly confide in our counsellors and get the required help.

Program our specialty

Our many years of experience gives us insight into the
legal implications and connotations that drugs and addiction pose. In our efforts to fill this legal gap, we have our own legal team on 24/7 standby to assist families with any drug related crime arrests, get suspects out on bail
on condition that such suspects enter our
facility for rehabilitation.


Social development initiatives and interventions are at the heart of our service bouquet. We have therefore employed a team of registered social workers who have the necessary skills and knowledge in dealing with legal matters, family problems, work problems and more.

Family Counselling

Family counselling is a big part of our drug intervention programs. We therefore offer family counselling so that family members can better assist
addicts in the rehabilitation and reintegration steps and allow them to deal
with other possible eventualities in a better manner.


Alcohol, Dagga, Heroin, Cocaine, Ice, Ecstasy, tik, crystal meth, crank, uppers, and speed are types of drugs which often feature
prominently when counselling addicts. We therefore use our many years of experience to ensure symptoms of these various causes of addiction are dealt
with in a different manner.