Medical Detox Program for Drugs & Alcohol

The Way Recovery, we recognize and understand how powerful the withdrawal process can be and we are pleased to offer effective and life-changing detoxification services through our renowned detox program to those who require them while at our centre.

Detox, which will likely be the first phase of your care if you need this sort of treatment, is the process in which harmful substances of abuse are cleared from your body. When attempted outside of a treatment setting, withdrawal can be exceptionally overwhelming and can cause you to relapse quickly. However, within our medically monitored detox program, your body can heal from the damage caused by substance abuse and the drugs and/or alcohol that you were once dependent on will no longer be in your system. By partaking in this sort of care, you will ultimately be able to avoid the following types of withdrawal symptoms and comfortably begin your recovery journey:
Overpowering drug cravings

•   Nausea

•   Agitation

•   Bone pain

•   Sleep disturbances

•   Profound anxiety

•   Mood swings

•   Abdominal pain

•   Headaches

•   Muscle pain

•   Dizziness

With the support of a team of expertly trained professionals, which includes doctors, nurses, addiction experts, and mental health professionals, you will be able to avoid the above-listed symptoms or experience far less intense versions of them as your body readjusts to no longer being under the influence of addictive substances.
Additionally, by participating in the detox program at our treatment center, you will be able to take advantage of the following benefits that can both enhance your recovery and provide you with the support and interventions you need to become sober:
Detox at The Way Recovery is a 24/7 level of care so that your body can be fully cleared of all harmful substances of abuse.

Nurses who are deeply devoted to helping you reach your treatment goals and to monitor your health and ensure that your detox experience is safe and effective.

Doctors also supervise detox services and can recommend various treatment methods if your needs require additional care.

Upon completion of detox, you are then seamlessly transitioned into the next step of your treatment.

It is important to know that our detox program is not a stand-alone level of care. The overarching goal of our detox program is to provide you with a safe environment and the necessary support and interventions you need to jump-start your recovery process and that participation in this program means that you are intending on partaking in our other treatment options as well.

If you think that our detox program and therapeutic services can meet your treatment needs, please contact The Way Recovery today to get more information or to begin the admissions process.

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