Drug Squad Interventions

Drug Squad Interventions is a privately-owned company that is recognized by the South African Magistrates Court to assist families to get an addicted person into a recovery centre that is out of control or the families don’t know how to confront the addict to get help from his addiction and to recover for a period set out by the court or the recovery centre. Drug Squad also does involuntary committals which is called a section 33 of the drug dependency act of 2008. When doing these orders, the court will look at 3 factors that would put an addict into the recovery centre involuntarily for a period not exceeding 12 months inpatient program.

•   The addicted person is a danger to himself

•   The addicted person is a danger to his family

•   The addicted person is a danger to the community

If the recovery centre or the sponsor feels that the addicted person needs longer treatment, we will then confront the court for an extension of the order. By doing this the addict can’t just sign himself out, which will save the family money, because the addict will always find fault with the recovery, not realising that it costs the family a lot of money to jump from one centre to the other, not realizing that the problem is always going with. I’m sure you asking yourself is really necessary to do interventions on addicts that don’t want help or hasn’t come to the realization that they need help? My answer to you would be YES. My reason for this answer would be, while an addict is in active addiction, he or she won’t come and ask for help because their minds are darkened by the drugs and all that they worry about is their next fix, while the family has to look on and see how the addict is killing themselves and also hurting the families in the process. I’ve seen marriages of 30-40 years come to an end because one of them can’t put their loved one into a recovery centre or do an intervention or a court order because they scared of what the addict would think of them and then the other spouse would then have had enough and move on with their lives. I’ve seen big business men and women losing their company’s and careers because of their loved ones and the co-dependency that the families have over their loved ones that is addict, whether its alcohol, prescription medication or even street drugs, its eventually going to destroy you and the addict. 

Drug Squad also does court diversions where the addict is caught by the law for a drug related offense and then negotiates with the Prosecutors to help through the justice system to get the addicted person court ordered into a recovery centre for a period of time. The sponsor will be liable for the payment of the recovery centre. Once the program is successfully completed the state will then drop the charges on condition that the addicted person would not commit a similar offense again and will also not have a criminal record.
Drug Squad also does extreme interventions where the addict has disappeared for days and the families are worried about their loved one, Drug Squad will then go and look for him or her and then once we find them then they would go into the recovery centre, which the sponsor and Drug Squad has agreed on, they would then be taken immediately so that they can start their recovery process. Drug Squad will also help the families to recover any stolen property which they have suffered through the addict.

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