Individual Counselling 

Individual Counselling sessions are included and joint family or employer workshops as required can be done by our Addiction Team Individual one on one counselling

Individual counselling is a therapy session which involves a single client who confides in a single therapist. While there are many other counselling options available including family therapy, group therapy, and addictions counselling at The Way Recovery, if you are involved in an individual counselling session, you are the main priority of the session. What we at The Way Recovery like to promote is a client centred approach as we believe that there is innate good in all of us and this disease of addiction is just that, a disease or sickness that needs to be addressed. It is not a definition of the person whom we are attending to but what we focus on is addressing methods on improving ones’ situation. 

The purpose of such therapy is to place the client in a safe environment where he or she can discuss and analyse any issues he or she may have with a trained therapist. It must be an environment conducive for counselling and the client must understand his or her role in the intervention. The therapist does not take the lead in the counselling but rather “nudges” the client in the appropriate direction. We do not take the decision making away from the client but we rather make the client a part of the decision-making process hence promoting participatory practice. It is a common factor that many clients have been dictated to or rather forced into making decisions due to outside influences and this further impacted on their addiction or reason for utilising substances to cope with their circumstances or situations. What we at The Way Recovery promote is an authoritative approach rather than authoritarian approach thereby highlighting to the suffering addict that we are going to walk this journey of recovery with them and not at from a distance as commonly practiced, by presenting to the client the reasons as to why certain strategies are being adopted rather than dictating to them. 

Who can Benefit from Individual Counselling?

The reasons for utilizing individual counselling are fairly general. That is, anyone can benefit from it regardless of their purposes. It can be from coping with grief, handling depression, psychological trauma, or even to learn more about one self. You do not need a serious excuse to see a therapist for this type of counselling, but individual counselling is not just any chat. Here the trained therapist has to tap into the clients’ area which is currently impacting on the clients normal functioning. It should be noted that by providing this safe environment or platform, the client is able to be themselves. They have the benefit of engaging with a trained professional and are allowed to be themselves with the benefit of not being judged. As a professional, the therapist creates a non-judgemental environment catering for all the needs of the client. Focus is placed on the clients coping skills and mechanisms, support systems and strategies that have not been successful. As previously highlighted, the client is centre to this therapy but other factors are also taken into consideration thus ensuring a holistic approach to healing rather than a dogmatic approach. It should be noted that there is no blue print to counselling and that every individual is unique. We at The Way Recovery strongly believe in that every client that we render our services to, do possess the potential to overcome this disease and thus with the guidance of each of our approaches, inclusive of individual therapy, a well-balanced individual will be the product of our services. Individual Counselling sessions are included and joint family or employer workshops as required can be done by our Addiction Team

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