The Way Recovery will donate 2 beds every 28 days which means we will not ask any fees for the donated bed, the patient will only have to have a sponsor to help him with necessities, toiletries, money for the tuck shop ect.

Should the client be unable to find a sponsor the management team of The Way Recovery will review the matter and assist the client where necessary.
How will The Way Recovery determine if someone qualifies for a donated bed?

•   Salary under R3000 – With payslip
•   If unemployed, last place worked information 

•   Background of the patient does he/she come from the street or live in a home?

•   Family support, and family financial information

•   ITC check to see if he/she is blacklisted

The Way Recovery will look at assets and general living conditions of the applicant.

We will strongly look at level of motivation. – this will be determined by our social worker.

The Way Recovery want to make sure that the patient has NO means to pay, if we give a bed to someone that can get a way to pay, by financing it, or family members, we take away the chance for an addict that has no means at all to find a way to recovery.

If you know of anyone that needs immediate assistance that can’t afford rehabilitation please contact us.